Support Letter Request


Requirements for Civil and Military Authorities, Customs, Federal Police, Migration, Who may concern/Other Institutions.

* A letter with the official company letterhead with the description of the project, locations, dates and equipment
* In case of co-production, information and documentation of the foreign company
* Certificate of incorporation or Articles of Association of the company with official translation
* Company proof of address
* Production responsible Official ID
* Mexican responsible official ID
* Contact information (email and phone) of the legal responsible and production responsible
* Copy of the insurance policy
* Support Request Form DOWNLOAD

The complete information and documentation must be sent to

(Please request your letter at least 24 hours before filmming)


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pdf66/LA Instructivo de trámite para la importación temporal de mercancías destinadas a la producción de filmaciones

pdf67/LA Instructivo de trámite para la importación temporal de vehículos especializados y medios de transporte que sean utilizados para producción de filmaciones de la industria cinematográfica

pdf69/LA Instructivo de trámite de autorización para la ampliación del plazo de importación temporal de enseres, utilería y demás equipo necesario para la filmación

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* Máximum of 10 images per send
* A 300 dpis/RGB/JPG format
* Exact location and size at the description
* Use of image request form


Download PDF

Version: Spanish