Nuevo León

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Mountains, Hills and Mountain Ranges
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Film office

Carlos García Campillo
Council for Culture and Arts of Nuevo León
Programming and Archive Coordinator of Cineteca Nuevo León
Tel: +52 (81) 2140 3000

Monterrey (Municipality)

Lic. Genaro García de la Garza
Secretary of Monterrey’s Council
State Government of Monterrey
Tel. 01 (81) 8130 65 65

Monterrey International Airport
Carretera Miguel Alemán km 24, 66600 N.L.
P. 01 81 8288 7700

Monterrey Bus Station
Av. Cristobal Colón 800, Centro, 64720 Monterrey, N.L.
P. 01 81 8375 2224

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