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of coproduction



As its name estates, it is a document prior to the Certificate of Origin (Certificado de Origen) issued by the Direction of Radio, Television and Cinematography (Dirección de Radio, Televisión y Cinematografía) of the Ministry of the Interior (Secretaría de Gobernación), in which the terms and conditions for an international coproduction with Mexico of projects that are initiating their production process are established.

IMCINE, through the Direction to Support Cinematographic Production (Dirección de Apoyo a la Producción Cinematográfica) issues a document addressed to the authorities of the Direction of Cinematography (Dirección de Cinematografía), of the aforesaid entity, with the information of each of the projects in order to have the antecedent and the endorsement of the Institute.

This document may be requested by institutions, entities or international programs among their requirements in order to apply for support for film projects.


Requirements to obtain the coproduction prior acknowledgement

1. A 1-3 pages synopsis, stating the genre (documentary or fiction), whether it is unitary or a series, how many episodes, as well as the final medium (film or other/s).

2. Script registry at INDAUTOR

3. Script rights session contract to the producers.

4. Coproduction contract among the two or three involved parties.

5. Financial blueprint.

6. Budget (summary/cover, specifying expense items per country)

7. Artistic and technical file of the leading actors, specifying nationalities.

8. A copy of the official ID of the Mexican producer, of another Mexican involved (for example, the photographer, editor, or actors) and of the foreign producer/s

9. Articles of Incorporation of the Mexican and foreign enterprise.

10. A one-page executive summary, including: title, duration, genre, project status (financial blueprint consolidation, or preproduction), names of the production and/or co-production companies, names of the producers and/or co-producers, total budget, participation percentage. Shooting launch date.

NOTE: IMCINE reserves the right to request additional information if considered necessary.

Version: Spanish

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