Which are the steps for filming in Mexico?

Each state in Mexico has its own legislation and regulations; therefore it is necessary to know the project and locations needs for requesting the permits.


Which incentives and funds are offered by Mexico to the film and audiovisual industry?

For Mexican production:

Fund Design for Quality Film Production (FOPROCINE)

Film Investment and Stimulus Fund (FIDECINE)

Fiscal Incentive EFICINE 189

Concurso Nacional de Proyectos de Cortometraje y Concurso Nacional de Apoyo a la Postproducción de Cortometrajes

Estímulos a creadores: guión y desarrollo de proyectos

For foreign production:


Vat 0%


How can the Mexican Film Commission help me?

The Mexican Film Commission (COMEFILM) provides information, advice and assistance to producers looking to shoot in Mexico. It also links with other federal and local authorities.

COMEFILM issues support letters aimed to: Civil and Military Authorities, Customs, the Tax Administration Service (SAT), Immigration Authorities and other Institutions.


Is there a cost for the services provided by the Mexican Film Commission?

Non, the services and support letters are totally free, the only requirement is to send the documents listed below to eugenia.villarreal@imcine.gob.mx and locations.mexico@imcine.gob.mx

Certificate of incorporation or Articles of Association of the company with official translation

Passports of all the crew members

Dates of arrival and departure

Flight numbers (both arrival and departure)

IFE (Official Mexican identification) in case you have a fixer or production coordinator or any person responsible for the shooting in the country.

A synopsis of the project where you basically explain type of project (commercial, TV series, film, etc.), dates and hours of the shooting, locations and any other main information.

It would also be helpful if you hire a Mexican Fixer.




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