We exist to help Mexico's film industry to flourish! COMEFILM is all about making it easy for creators and companies to produce. We like our job and we want you to love yours. We provide you with guidance, networking, and know-how to filming in Mexico. We get you in touch with who you need. COMEFILM is a member of the Association of Film Commissions International (AFCI). We assist companies, producers and creators in their needs while bringing a project to Mexico, such as providing all the information that is necessary to film in our country, as well as support with institutional contacts and specialized guides for producers. Do you need to prepare a scouting or to contact location scouters? We can help. Do you need to explore the possibility of coproducing with Mexico? We guide you thru the many funds and incentive programs that currently exist in Mexico for the international audiovisual industry. Finance, we love that word. Perhaps you have seen it in films already, but we are quite proud of what Mexico has to offer: Spectacular natural reserves, deserts, beaches, jungles, mountain ranges, valleys and more, magic towns, cosmopolitan cities, all weather conditions all year long, professional and highly qualified and talented crew, studios, state of the art technologies and much, much more.


Convocatoria del 17º Concurso Nacional de Proyectos de Cortometraje / por regiones 2017

La Secretaría de Cultura a través del Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía convoca a participar en el El Instituto Mexicano de Cinematograf

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Script Revision Lab in English (Cine Qua Non Lab)

From August 6th–19th, 2017, Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan, Mexico Cine Qua Non Lab is pleased to announce its Call for Applicants for its 2017 Script R

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Cine Qua Non Lab 2016 International Screenwriter’s Wosrkshop

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2016 Internationañ Screenwriter's Workshop Participants

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Convocatoria de Asesorías de Proyectos Cinematográficos

El Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía a través de la Dirección de Apoyo a la Producción convoca a realizadores diversos que tengan proyectos sus

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Convocatoria de Coproducción

El Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía convoca a productores mexicanos interesados en formar parte de una plataforma de información que integra la

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